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 Assasin Cross Guide

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PostSubject: Assasin Cross Guide   Fri Oct 02, 2009 3:01 am

Guide for a PRO user

Note : There will be more balancing to be done on this server, so keep note :3

Introduction :

In order to be successful with an assassin, you must take full advantage of its one strength – dealing damage quickly. This means that you need be strike fast without hesitation. This comes naturally with experience. Because assassins don’t have many opportunities to do damage, but does damage in large chunks, it means that the difference between a fast assassin player and a slow assassin player is huge (i.e. you’ll either do a lot of damage or no damage)


4 Slotted dagger type weapon [1 Magnolia Card 1 Metaller 2 Hydra Card]
4 Slotted dagger type weapon [2 Savage Bebe Card 2 Hydra Card]
4 Slotted dagger type weapon [4 assaulter]
4 Slotted dagger type weapon [4 hydra]
4 slotted 1h sword type weapon [Marina Card x 4]
4 slotted 1h sword type weapon [Marina Card x 4]
4 slotted 1h sword type weapon [1 Hydra Card 3 Phreeoni Card]
4 slotted Katar type weapon [2 Hydra 2 Assaulter]
4 slotted Katar type weapon [2 Hydra 2 Phreeoni Card]
4 slotted Katar type weapon [2 Hydra, 2 Drainilar]
Ice-element Katar
A couple of unbreakable weapons in storage.

Note : You may replace Hydra if you can afford turtle general cards


Buckler [Thara Frog Card]
Guard [Golden Thief Bug Card]


Note : in the future, Upper headgears will be 4 slots while mid and lower will have 1 slot each.

1) Several 4-slotted helms of your choice

2) Several 1-slotted middle headgear of your choice

3)Wings or any lower headgear you see that fit

Note: Aim for wings that have str/dex/luk bonus

Cards you will need

- Evil Snake Lord Card x 1 (anti curse/blind)
- Orc Hero Card x 1 (anti stun)
- Marduk Card x 1 (anti silence)
- Nightmare Card x 1 (anti sleep)
- Maya Purple Card x 1
- Pharaoh Cards x 4

You need to keep Maya Purple Card on yourself at all times, even against enemies that don’t hide. This is because you need to “see” yourself when you’re cloaked in order to be able to enchant yourself without having to uncloak first.



You can get any type of armor you see fit, just make sure you have an armor with

- Ghost Element
- Fire Element
- Undead Element
- Holy Element (keep in storage)
- Water Element
- Unfrozen
- Wind Element
- Unbreakable armor (cornutus card)

Use the same type of armor for two of the above for easier swapping, but do not use the same armor for more than two, as it makes armor switching too inefficient that way.


You’ll need several slotted manteaus, refined as highly as possible, carded with:

- Raydric Card (-20% neutral damage)
- Jakk Card (-30% fire damage)
- Dustiness Card (-30% wind damage)
- Isis Card (-30% shadow damage)
- Mars Card (-30% water damage)
- Hode Card (-30% earth damage)
- Marionette Card (-30% ghost damage)


Either use sliepnir or make a high refined footgear


Note : There will be new items on the updates

Clip [Marine Sphere Card]
Megingjordes x 2 (One that increase Vit and one that increase STR)

General Tips and Tricks

Sonic dance: The most important technique you’ll learn as an assassin cross. Sonic blow’s delay is really long, but if you sonic blow, then click somewhere to move, then sonic blow again, some of the delay will be reduced. This is a life saver.

Breaker + Throw Sand Spam: Breaker’s damage isn’t all that great, but if you spam breaker and then throw sand alternating with one another, you’ll increase your overall damage per second somewhat.

The “cloak” cancel: Cloak cancels into many skills, including magnum break, enchant poison, meteor assault, backslide. Just get into the habit of using cloak whenever possible, because it helps you reduce the damage you take.

Flash-enchant: Enchant poison has almost no animation, but the words above the assassin is a dead give away. That’s why it’s generally in the sinX’s best interest to use a second skill to cancel out the word above your head as soon as you enchant yourself. Backslide tends to be a great choice, but meteor assault + cloak can work as well. Remember, if the enemy doesn’t see your enchant, it’ll be harder for him to counter

Fakeout: If you use magnum break, and then enchant poison, it’ll look like you’re using enchant poison while you actually still have fire element. This is because enchant poison cannot override magnum break. This is just another gimmick to throw armor switchers off their game.

Freeze-lock: Freeze someone with 8 Marina cards + Throw sand, poison them with venom dust and then wait it out. Before they unfreeze, use venom splasher on them and then hit them with a breaker and then backslide out of there. When venom splasher hits, there’s a good chance they’ll get frozen again, and you won’t need to stand there trying to freeze while taking damage. There are some LK’s out there that knows how frustrating it is to get frozen 5 times in a row with this trick, effectively losing 80% of their HP without getting to do a thing to me.

FRZ-PSN-EDP: A very useful routine. Freeze someone with marina cards and throw sand, venom dust them to shave off some HP, and then switch to the 2 drainilar 2 hydra Katar. When they’re frozen, the enemy is water element, so the 2 hydra 2 drainilar weapon will do full damage. Also, considering the enemy is frozen, their defense will be reduced, which further helps boost the damage. This is one of the few times where damage-mod cards can outdamage bloody roar.

Forward backslide: Instead of backsliding away from the enemy, why not do the opposite and make use of backslide’s mobility to help you approach enemies? All you have to do is turn around to face away from the enemy before you backslide. Very useful.

Backslide-Run-Turn-Backslide: This is a technique you can use to outrun just about anything (barring a true-backsliding Sniper or snapping champ). You can do this forward offensively, or backward defensively. You can outrun champions and priests doing this, even when you’re decrease agi’ed. This is what you do: backslide, then right as you land on your new cell, click on a cell further away (in the same direction you were backsliding to), this will let you cancel backslide delay. Walk a couple of cells, then turn around and backslide again.

To clarify: backslide, move-cancel the backslide delay, walk a couple of cells, turn around and backslide again.

The whole point of moving is to allow you to not “waste time” during backslide’s cooldown, and it makes the critical difference as to whether you can outrun certain things.

The controversy of using EDP

Enchant deadly poison is the only way of giving assassins a fighting chance against practically every class. Breaker is an okay skill, but it gets outdamaged by almost everything other classes have. Enchant deadly poison isn’t cheap. In order to make good use of it, you need to get close enough to the other guy to hit them in the first place, which isn’t an easy thing to do.

PvP Tactics

Moving on to the heart of the guide, which is the battle tactics against individual classes. Note that this guide cannot possibly cover all the scenarios in combat, it can only give you a rough foundation on which to build upon. Know that the actual battle tactics are
much more intricate and rely on your personal experience more than anything else.

Remember, there are no “easy” match-up for an assassin cross. The easiest matchup is probably a whitesmith, and even they can easily destroy you if you aren't good enough.


I won't give a specific BUILD for this


IGN : [ GM ] - Acelora

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PostSubject: Re: Assasin Cross Guide   Fri Oct 02, 2009 4:57 pm

nice guide :3

i suggest u got for the paper card instead of assaulter

the paper 20% damage on crit
assaulter 10% damage on crit Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Assasin Cross Guide   Fri Oct 02, 2009 11:10 pm



IGN : [ GM ] - Acelora
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PostSubject: Re: Assasin Cross Guide   Sat Oct 03, 2009 6:15 am

nice guide :]


Your smile makes me complete.

IGN : [ GM ] - Yzel

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PostSubject: Re: Assasin Cross Guide   Sun Oct 04, 2009 2:53 am

add there rsx-0608 for unbreakable + no pushback Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Assasin Cross Guide   

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Assasin Cross Guide
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